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A few updates, fannish and otherwise, before I'm off to bed:

* I recently discovered "Being Human', the US edition. I blew through Season 1 on Netflix, and then luckily caught up with Season 2 on demand. I am loving this show; quirky writing, deeply flawed characters I care about, and surprising plot twists. (Yes, I know that most people seem to prefer the UK version, and I did watch a few eps, but JOSH. Just JOSH JOSH JOSH. Also I love the Boston house with a strange kind of burning. I am weirdly siding with the US version for once in my life; go figure.)

* Mad Men is back, and luckily it will be on at 10pm so as not to disrupt my watching of The Good Wife. Sunday nights will have the 2 hour block of awesome for the next 2 months. :D

* Working on I/I fic, and had another idea for one this morning. My problem lately is finding time to write. RL has been very demanding recently and I keep finding myself falling into bed and wanting to read fic instead of write it. :/

* Not feeling the new Doctor Who companion. Then again, I'm not feeling Eleven, so I guess we're even there.

* Someday, Netflix will update Merlin and I will see the end of Season 4. :*| I don't know how I haven't been spoiled on it, frankly.


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