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Here's the thing: I'm a crazy freak for h/c. Love it. Crave it. Write it. (Or, okay, think about writing it for months and then finally write it.) My ideal h/c is more physical than mental, and doesn't skip out on the "c" part of the equation. I promise that I DO read other kinds of fics; it's just that h/c pushes all my buttons.

(These are fandom generalizations, and they're based solely on trends I'm noticing in LJ fic comms.)

Here's the problem: at times, I feel like my fandoms forgot about h/c. Or are bored with it. Or think it's passe or something. I can't say for sure. I understand that some of my fandoms aren't producing tons of fics these days, but it's just surprising that h/c seems to have fallen off the map, or at least lost some of its former status.

Maybe the timing's off. Maybe it's my taste in fandoms. Let's see:

*Sherlock: There was a TON of h/c after Season 1. Metric epic loads of it. After Season 2, it's angst city (which is not a surprise) and lots of non-John/Sherlock fic.

*Bleach: Let's be fair...Ichigo/Ishida, while initially pretty popular, has become a smaller pairing than it once was. Fics that feature them are less common these days, and h/c is pretty rare. I won't even discuss my other pairings--Ikkaku/Yumichika, Ukitake/Shunui--since they're endangered species these days.

*Merlin: H/C has been a relatively solid fixture in this fandom since day one, and new h/c fics do come up from time to time. Since the end of Season 4, AUs and crossovers seem to be where many writers are going, though.

*Zelda: Yeah, I don't know why I kid myself; any fics--let alone h/c fics--are so rare they're like unicorns.

*FMA: I have not been keeping up with the fandom well enough to comment. :*(

Anyway. Maybe I just need to be patient. Maybe I need to spend more time on AO3. Maybe I need some new fandoms? XD

Edit: One last thing...for those writers who are writing h/c--and I know you're out there!--you have my supreme thanks and gratitude. I can't tell you how much pleasure you've brought into my reading life. ♥

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