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OMG...I just read about 20 chapters of Bleach and got officially caught up. Must squee!

Where do I even begin? I am bullet-pointing this one so as to properly organize my flailing:

- ICHIGO you are back and I am so happy. Powers always look good on you. :)

- ISHIDA you are made of awesome. So glad that Orihime healed you and you joined the fight, and now it's you and Ichigo fighting back to back against Ganjou! And you guys are having a snappy conversation to boot! XD

- BONUS APPEARANCE from Ichigo's dad and Uruhara! But as always they are thick as thieves and super sneaky.

- ORIHIME you got Ishida back in action and for that you get an A+ in my book.

- IKKAKU I have missed you so. The only thing that would have made the scene complete would have been if Yumichika showed up.

- OH SNAP the soul society badge is surveilance. Or at least that's what the bad guys are saying. Say it ain't so, UKITAKE! (But seriously, Uryuu's already got spy bacteria so don't you think it's pretty much a given they'd be tracking Ichigo's every move?)

- NEW CHARACTERS there are a lot of you. I am not really attached to any of you but it was fun to see the fight pairings. RUKIA I cannot believe that Riruka hurt you. D:

- BLINDED ICHIGO made me wince. Ow.

- LOTS OF PAGES where I don't know what's going on. Seriously, those pages where it's like a lightning bolt and lots of scribbles and some sound effects characters? The only good thing about them is I can skip them and get on to the next page.

- BYAKUYA I won't lie I skipped over your description of your powers. No offense, but I knew you'd made it out okay. You are looking good, though.

- SHUNSUI where were you? Miss you!

- RYUUKEN is still not very interested in the affairs of mice and men or Shinigami or other things. But he did save Ishida so bonus points for him.

- BLEACH I didn't realize how much I missed you and I am so glad to be back in your shonen embrace. *passes out dramatically with backlighting from manga exhaustion*

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