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Here's the thing: I'm a crazy freak for h/c. Love it. Crave it. Write it. (Or, okay, think about writing it for months and then finally write it.) My ideal h/c is more physical than mental, and doesn't skip out on the "c" part of the equation. I promise that I DO read other kinds of fics; it's just that h/c pushes all my buttons.

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Holy crap, I cannot believe it's been a month since I posted my last Ichi/Ishi fic. I am honestly quite concerned about how fast February is going. Winter is my favorite season and I feel rather shortchanged this year; we had some snow, but not the epic amounts we had last year. :(

I am trying to figure out which fic I want to work on next. I'm torn between writing a 'missing scene' fic with Ichi/Ishi (the scene with them studying for finals and writing on each other from 'Anatomy & Physiology') or writing an Ichi/Ishi cold weather fic (oh noes they must cuddle for warmth). I will likely write both of them eventually, but I don't know which one to do first. Also I keep debating an FMA short fic or POSSIBLY Zelda fic because I've been playing Skyward Sword so much. I would also love to try my hand at Sherlock but then I'd need brit-picking. :\

I need to make up my mind. Any thoughts, lovely LJ folk? My indecisive muse has been no help.


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