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A few updates, fannish and otherwise, before I'm off to bed:

* I recently discovered "Being Human', the US edition. I blew through Season 1 on Netflix, and then luckily caught up with Season 2 on demand. I am loving this show; quirky writing, deeply flawed characters I care about, and surprising plot twists. (Yes, I know that most people seem to prefer the UK version, and I did watch a few eps, but JOSH. Just JOSH JOSH JOSH. Also I love the Boston house with a strange kind of burning. I am weirdly siding with the US version for once in my life; go figure.)

* Mad Men is back, and luckily it will be on at 10pm so as not to disrupt my watching of The Good Wife. Sunday nights will have the 2 hour block of awesome for the next 2 months. :D

* Working on I/I fic, and had another idea for one this morning. My problem lately is finding time to write. RL has been very demanding recently and I keep finding myself falling into bed and wanting to read fic instead of write it. :/

* Not feeling the new Doctor Who companion. Then again, I'm not feeling Eleven, so I guess we're even there.

* Someday, Netflix will update Merlin and I will see the end of Season 4. :*| I don't know how I haven't been spoiled on it, frankly.
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I realized the other day that I really need to start posting here, even if I don't have fic or anything really worthwhile to add, mainly because I'm PAYING for this space, and also because it's way too easy for me not to write at all. This is space that I can write in, and I really need to. I've become an LJ lurker, which sort of defeats the point. So! Here I am.

Various items await )
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I stared at my long lost Ichi/Ishi fic last night, the one I started six months ago, and it's nearly freaking done, but I CANNOT finish it. Not yet. I will, I swear I will, because it was a prompt for someone and I will not fink out.

SIX MONTHS. I feel like I forgot how to write. I've certainly gone longer than six months without really writing, but seriously, right now I feel like my machinery is broken. There's a spanner in the works. It's frustrating, and made worse by the fact that my toddler-like writing self is actually ENJOYING being a whiny bitch and turning her nose up at everything.

RL is kind of a mess at the moment, and I've spent so much time trying to take care of so many people that I sort of forgot about myself, and I am aware that on some level I need to try to figure out what I need right now. I got a new layout. New season, new layout, hopefully, eventually, new fic.


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